Add life to your carport, patio or veranda with the Patio Lace range of Broekielace.

This elegant lacy patio trim is available in the decorative Victorian range or our modern feel Contemporary style. Both are available in Brilliant White and Heritage Green.

Manufactured from UV stabilised polyprop (PVC).Therefore, it will not rust, corrode or yellow in sunlight. This dynamic product is not only lightweight and simple to install but is also cost effective and completely maintenance-free, offering you peace of mind.

Victorian Double Style

Victorian Double Corner

Victorian Single Style

Single Corner - Sign

Contemporary Style

Victorian Style 2

Victorian Style 3

Victorian Styled Patio Lace Trim

For simplicity, utilise single straights (670 mm x 90 mm) and single corners (450 mm x 450 mm)

For a more enhanced effect, utilise double straights (760 mm x 190 mm) and double corners (450 mm x 560 mm)

Contemporary Styled Patio Lace Trim

  • Contemporary straights (505 mm x 150 mm)
  • Contemporary corners (440 mm x 280mm)

For simple installation and accuracy pre-drilled lugs have been moulded onto the trim. Utilise 4 mm (3/16 inch) screws and install onto your application.

The Broekielace has a repetitive pattern making it simple to pattern match and to trim to your desired length. Use a handsaw.


Single Style

Single straight – 670 x 90mm
Single corner – 450 x 450mm

Double Style

Double straight – 760 x 190mm
Double corner – 450 x 560mm

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Straight – 505 x 150mm
Contemporary Corner – 440 x 280mm