Steel landscape garden edging installation instructions

Dura Edge steel consists of:

  • 1.2 m steel edging lengths
  • 3 x steel pins, 250 mm long per length


Easy to install

Curves easily without kinking

Hot dip galvanised heavy-duty steel

Powder coated brown material

Available in powder coated brown or galvanised

Available in 1.2 m lengths

Available in 3 heights: 75 mm, 100 mm and 125 mm

Anchoring pins available in 3 lengths:

  • Standard length: 250 mm for normal soil conditions
  • Extra length: 350 mm for soft soil conditions
  • Short length: of 200 mm for hard / rocky ground

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

You will need to gather the following equipment:

  • 8 mm spanner
  • Rubber mallet
  • Spade

Step 2

Prepare your edge:

Before the Dura Edge edging is installed one needs to prepare the edge of the garden bed.

This is done by using the back of a spade. Cut as vertically as possible into the edge.

When installing you will fit at least 5 lengths together at a time, so do make sure to cut at least a 6 m long bed with your spade.

Step 3

Connect the Dura Edge lengths together:

When doing a run, connect at least 5 lengths together, 6 m at a time.

Bring two lengths together and line up the pre-drilled holes found on the end of each length.

Simply place the bolt through the holes and tighten the nuts.

Continue in the same fashion with the other 3 lengths until you have a long run all bolted together.

Step 4

Place edge into position:

Lift edging and place it in the approximate position along the edge, ensuring that the brackets on the Dura Edge are up against the wall of the garden edge, i.e. facing the inside.

Step 5

Place lengths in place:

Pull the Dura Edge lengths into place so that each section fits tightly up against the garden edge wall that you just dug with your spade.




Step 6

Insert pins:

Insert your first pin by fitting it through the bracket found on each length, and hammering it down with the mallet.

Only hammer down partially at this stage.

Continue with all the pins in the same fashion so that Dura Edge is now held in place by the pins.

Step 7

Hammer down Dura Edge:

With the pins still only partially hammered in place, take your mallet, and hammer the Dura Edge down and into place so that it sits just below the grass line.

Important: Do not bolt down the last section of Dura Edge before it has been bolted to the next run, i.e. the next 5 or so lengths.

Once the Dura Edge lengths are in place you can now proceed to hammer down the pins until they are also in position just below the grass line.

Step 8

Easy re-installation

If you find that the cut edge of your garden bed is incorrect or if you wish to change it once the Dura Edge is in place, simply allow the Dura Edge to form a smooth curve to your satisfaction and proceed to install as previously.

Once installation is complete simply backfill with soil to fill in the gap.

Step 9

That completes the installation process.

Dura Edge will permanently define your landscape bed, so that continual reshaping of the bed is virtually eliminated.

Step 10

Thank you, Dura Edge

Now you can enjoy your garden bed, instead of continuously having to work on it, thanks to Dura Edge!