Himalayan Gazebo Range

Himalayan Cedar Wood Gazebo 3.5 m

Building on the success of our traditional aluminium / fibreglass gazebos Patio Lace is proud to announce the release of a brand new gazebo manufactured entirely from Himalayan cedar wood. Himalayan cedar is in great demand as a building material because of its durability, rot-resistant character and fine, close grain, which is capable of taking a high polish. It is historically used to construct religious temples in Pakistan and India, and today is used extensively in the USA and Europe to construct homes from. It is an ideal wood to construct gazebos and other outdoor wooden products from. Best of all, these gazebos are also completely DIY and can be erected within a few hours.

Available immediately in the most popular size: 3.5 m (10 ft).

The Cedar Gazebo will in the coming months also be offered in other various sizes and shapes.



  • Himalayan Cedar Wood Gazebo 2.9 m
  • Himalayan Cedar Wood Gazebo 3.5 m

Virtually maintenance-free, only needs to be oiled once every 2 years

Manufactured from Himalayan Deodar Cedar Wood - derived from the Sanskrit term meaning “Wood of the Gods”

Rot resistant timber

Supplied pre-oiled with Woodoc 50 Clear

Wonderful aromatic aroma


Delivered anywhere in the country or world in kit form

Various sizes available soon